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The Wooden Cyberman

Wooden Cyberman Edit

The Wooden Cyberman was a Cyberman variant created out of wood. It had a yellow speech indicator and chest piece, and used the phrase "incinerate". Its purpose was to invade the town of Christmas during the Siege of Trenzalore. Its material made it low-tech, thus enabling it to enter undetected. It appeared in one Doctor Who story, the 2013 Christmas Special, The Time of The Doctor.

In the mod, the Wooden Cyberman was added in the 2013 Advent Calendar, Day 17. Since the features of this calendar were released in their own "mini-mods", or separate mod jars, he was technically never part of the actual Dalek Mod. He was never re-added into the mod after the advent calendar, and is therefore only available in Forge 1.6.4, in his own jar file.

Behavior Edit

The Wooden Cyberman delivers melee attacks, and can break down wooden doors. When killed, he drops oak logs.

Video Edit

Dalek Mod Advent Calendar DAY 17 - Wooden Cyberman

Dalek Mod Advent Calendar DAY 17 - Wooden Cyberman

UDWF1's update video for the Wooden Cyberman.

Trivia Edit

  • Since the Wooden Cyberman was released on 17 December 2013, he was added over a week before he made his only appearance in The Time of The Doctor.