Weeping Angels are quantum locked humanoids from Fewterian origins. They are believed to be as old as the universe. When observed, Weeping Angels take the form of a stone angel. However, when not (when the person/lifeform looks away or blinks), the angels can move and attack.


The New Weeping Angel Modeled Face and AI.

Weeping Angels can either send lifeforms back in time, feeding off the time energy given off from this, or simply kill the victum by a variety of ways e.g. breaking his/her neck. They also cover their eyes to avoid quantum locking thier fellow member, thus giving the idea that they are crying.

In the ShowEdit

The angels first appeared in Blink, in which a girl called Sally Sparrow discovers messages from the Doctor warning her about them while she investigates a house. Finding the TARDIS key in the possesion of the angels, Sally discovers Easter Eggs on DVDs, recorded by the Doctor. She discovers that the Angels want access to the TARDIS, so they can feed off its time energy. She and a friend's brother find the TARDIS and send it to the Doctor, tricking the Angels into looking at and quantum locking each other. A year later, Sally meets a past version of the Doctor on the Street, prior his attack, and gives him information about the Angels and what will happen to him.

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The Old Weeping Angel Model.

The Weeping Angels later appear in the episode Flesh and Stone, in which they drain the time energy from a crack in time and try to rebuild an army to take over the universe. However, the Doctor sends them into the crack in order to defeat them. They also appear in The Angels take Manhattan, where they have been sending humans back in time, in order to survive. When they target the Doctor's companions Amy and Rory Williams, they both commit suicide to stop them. This stops their plan but one angel survives, sending the couple into the past. The Weeping Angels also appear in the 2013 Christmas Special "The Time of the Doctor".

In the ModEdit

Like in the show, Weeping Angels stay frozen when looked upon by the player. When they do look away, the Angels will move towards and attack the player. In hard mode, the Angels can only be destroyed when attacked with a pickaxe. They will also target light sources, turning off torches and redstone lamps, destroying glowstone. They spawn On Trenzalore and The Overworld. They also Have a 2013 Advent Calendar variation, the Weeping Snow Angel.

Don't turn your back, don't look away and DON'T BLINK. Good luck ~The Doctor