Vortex Manipulator is an item that allows you to teleport through the world by entering coordinates and to travel to other planets. It was re-added in Update 50 and was used as the main plot device in the update video.   

It allows you to teleport to any coordinates within the current world and to any of the Dalek Mod dimensions. It does not yet allow you to go to the Minecraft dimensions, Nether and End. It uses Ender Pearls as fuel.   

To charge the Vortex Manipulator, the player must shift-right click with it whilst they have Ender Pearls in their inventory. One Ender Pearl increases the charge amount in the Vortex Manipulator by one.   

Travel via coordinates uses 1 charge and travelling through dimensions uses 2 charges.    

It also has a waypoint option which allows you to save coordinates to travel to at any time.   


Crafting the vortex manipulator requires a Zeiton-7 crystal and an electronic circuit.

Vortex crafting
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