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The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) is the Time Machine that the Doctor and his companions travel in. In the show it is bigger inside than it is on the outside and can travel anywhere in time and space. Its iconic blue exterior is the one of the few constants in the show's history.

In the mod the TARDIS enables the player to travel to different dimensions, coordinates, and can even allow the player to fly through the air with the flight panel. To enter the TARDIS, the player must right-click on the door, causing it to open. Upon walking in, the player is transported to the TARDIS dimension, into a pre-generated interior based on the exterior that was placed. A custom interior can be built, and the exterior can take you to that custom interior's location via the following command: /tardis-interior-pos x y z. Inside the TARDIS, the player can also change its chameleon circuit to one of the many exteriors listed below.

The TARDIS can be locked/unlocked with, summoned by, and bound to a TARDIS key or a Stattenheim Remote.

TARDIS Variants

Latest TARDISes:

  • Classic TARDIS
  • War Doctor's TARDIS (Platinum Coral)
  • 9th/10th Doctor's TARDIS (Coral)
  • Bad Wolf TARDIS (Links to the Coral Console)
  • 2013 Dalek Mod TARDIS
  • 12th Doctor's TARDIS (Toyota)
  • 2014 Dalek Mod TARDIS (Added but still WIP)
  • 11th Doctor's TARDIS (Copper)
  • 11th Doctor's TARDIS (50th Anniversary Toyota)
  • Hartnel TARDIS
  • Floral TARDIS
  • Hexon TARDIS
  • Fridge TARDIS
  • 4th Doctor's Secondary Control room

To be added:

  • 8th Doctor's TARDIS
  • 1980's TARDIS



  • Default
  • 2013 Dalek Mod A
  • 2013 Dalek Mod B
  • 2013 Dalek Mod C
  • 2013 Dalek Mod D
  • First Doctor's TARDIS
  • War Doctor's TARDIS
  • 80's TARDIS
  • Bad Wolf TARDIS
  • Bil and Ted's Phone Booth
  • Lego Dimensions TARDIS
  • TT Capsule
  • Vanilla Minecraft TARDIS
  • Clara Tribute - TARDIS
  • Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS
  • Ninth/Tenth Doctor's TARDIS
  • Alpha Exterior
  • Beta Exterior
  • Delta Exterior
  • Gamma Exterior
  • Hexon Exterior
  • Floral Exterior
  • Fridge Exterior
  • Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS
  • Rani's TARDIS
  • Moosewood
  • Fourth Doctor's TARDIS
  • Eighth Doctor's TARDIS
  • Second Doctor's TARDIS
  • 2017 Dalek Mod TARDIS
  • Blank Template TARDIS
  • Ed's Exterior
  • K6 Telephone Box
  • Blocktor's TARDIS
  • Spaceblock's TARDIS
  • K2 Telephone Box
  • Pokeball
  • Gingerbread TARDIS
  • Vending Machine Exterior
  • Disguised - Wood Exterior
  • Disguised - Cobblestone Exterior
  • Disguised - Bricks Exterior


You can fly the TARDIS to many planets, including:

The TARDIS can also travel to different Time Zones, which are different time eras of a certain Planet/ dimension. There are currently five different time zones for Minecraft early development versions. These are:

You fly the TARDIS by right clicking a Tardis monitor.

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