The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) is the Time Machine that The Doctor and his companions travel in.

In the mod the TARDIS enables the player to travel to different dimensions, coordinates, and can even allow the player to fly through the air. To enter the TARDIS, the player must right-click on the door, causing it to open.

Upon walking in, the player is transported to the TARDIS dimension, into a pre-generated interior based on the exterior that was placed. A custom interior can be built, and the exterior can take you to that custom interior's location by setting the spawn coordinates with /tardis-interior-pos x y z.

The TARDIS can be locked/unlocked with, summoned by, and bound to a TARDIS key or a Stattenheim Remote. Bind your key by (shift) right clicking on the TARDIS. You will get a confirmation message when done successfully.

TARDIS Variants & Crafting

Tardis recipe.PNG
All TARDISes are crafted this way. Four Ender Pearls, an Empty Map, a Clock, an End Crystal and a TARDIS Shell. The item on the middle right is the Chameleon Cartridge . This is different for each exterior.


Fuel Tank, crafted with an Electronic Circuit.

The TARDIS requires fuel for coordinate travel. You need to craft a Fuel Tank like shown on the right.

You can add fuel by right clicking on it with wood, coal, zeiton-7 and lonsdaleite. A bucket of toxic waste will fill it up to 100%.



With the monitor, you can set the coordinates for where the TARDIS should land, as well as which dimension or planet.

You can also select which exterior the TARDIS should disguise as.

In the settings, you can enable the HADS and Cloak. The HADS makes sure the TARDIS teleports somewhere else (but nearby) when it is under attack. For example, when mobs shoot at it. Enabling the cloak makes your TARDIS nearly invisible.

Lastly, you can also add companions with the monitor, and give permission to your companions to pilot your TARDIS and build in it.

Flight Panel

When using the Flight panel, you can manually fly your TARDIS through the world it is currently in.

WARNING: The flight panel is a bit buggy in the latest versions of 1.12.2 Dalek Mod. When exiting the flight panel, especially when flying at far coordinates, it can take a very long time for the world to load again.

Force Field Control Panel

When enabling this panel, a force field will appear around your TARDIS, blocking several hostile projectiles.

Chameleon Circuit Panel

Inserting a TARDIS Chameleon Cartridge into this panel will install the exterior disguise. This means this exterior is now unlocked and can be selected in the TARDIS Monitor.

Wall Display

The Wall Display is a screen that shows various info about your TARDIS, such as its owner, location, health and permissions for others.

Sonic Screwdriver Charging Station

2019-11-04 11.48.52.png

You can insert your sonic screwdriver into this panel to charge it.

Flight Lever

Right-click to materialize or de-materialize your TARDIS. You always need to use this when selecting a new destination.

TARDIS Command Panel

Right click to use specified TARDIS panel commands and shift right click to edit commands and permissions.

Door control

Locks the doors. It also means people can't enter from the outside.


When clicking on this, the TARDIS will travel to a random place on a random planet.

Player locator panel

Use this panel to locate a player on the server. Note that players who have a Bio Dampner ring in their inventory can't be located as of Update 56.



How to get Bigger on the Inside TARDIS in Minecraft Dalek Mod

Bigger on the Inside (BOTI) allows you to see the inside of your TARDIS from the outside. It was first added in Update 51. This feature is disabled by default. Watch the video on the right on how to enable it.

The following update, Update 52, added SOTO doors which allows you to open the doors on the inside and see outside.



All Dalek Mod TARDIS interiors in Minecraft

A video showing off every interior in the mod as of Update 50.

The TARDIS also has a health system. Its maximum health is 1000. If attacked (both whilst landed and i- flight mode) it will take damage. Once at 20 health or lower the Exterior will begin to smoke and the TARDIS will fly uncontrollably in flight mode. It will naturally heal when landed. This can be sped up by landing on a block of Zeiton 7.


You fly the TARDIS by right-clicking a TARDIS monitor. Using this, you can select which planet and time zone to travel to, as well as coordinates to materialize at. To take off and land, right-click the Flight Level.

Flying the TARDIS is also possible by right-clicking a flight panel, which allows you to fly through the air. This can be controlled with the directional keys and works in the same way as creative mode's flight functions. You can use the crouch key to land the TARDIS and press ESC to exit.


You can fly the TARDIS to many planets, including:



Time Zones

The TARDIS can also travel to different Time Zones, which are different time eras of a certain Planet/ dimension. There are currently five different time zones for Minecraft early development versions. These are:




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