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Sontarans are a war obsessed species of clones from the planet Sontar. They first appeared in the 1974 serial 'The Time Warrior' and have become fan favorite in the series. Though the Sontarans are regularly portrayed as thuggish brutes, they are shown to be intelligent and consider it a honor to die in battle. They were first added to the Dalek mod in October 2013.

In the ShowEdit

The Sontarans first appear in "The Time Warrior", in which a commander Linx crash landed in the 13th century. Hoping to return to the war between his people and their enemy, the Rutans, he promised to help a warlord called Irongron in his war with Edward of Wessex if he and his men helped in his ships repairs. He similarly kidnapped scientists from the 20th century, hypnotized them and commanded them to repair his ship. Eventually, the Third Doctor investigated the disappearances and traced them back to Linx and Irongron. With help from journalist Sarah Jane Smith, Edward and his men, the Doctor sent the scientists back and defeated Linx, who was killed when an arrow was fired into his Probic Vent, the tube that feeds the Sontarans with energy but also a crucial weakness.

Sontarans became a regular foe for the Doctor after this appearance, as they appeared in other episodes with plans to help them in their war. These included turning Earth into a breeding planet and invading Gallifrey. However, the Doctor eventually saved and befriended an nurse named Strax, eventually worked with him, Silurian Vastra and Human Jenny Flint in Victorian London.

In the ModEdit

In the Dalek mod, Sontarans appear as hostile mobs, attacking the player on sight. They attack with melee and are a rare spawn. In future versions of the mod, Sontarans will use blasters and are planned to take more damage when attacked from behind.