Flight Panel Edit

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The Flight Panel in the War Doctor interior.

The flight panel is a modeled block first added in update 41. When this block is right-clicked in the TARDIS Dimension, the screen will show the TARDIS from the outside, and will enable the player to fly it in the same manner as flying in creative mode. After the player lands the TARDIS on a solid block and with enough space around it, they can exit by pressing shift. The player will then be back in the TARDIS interior.

Version Edit

The Flight Panel is available in the Dalek Mod 1.8, from Update 41 and on. It is also available in 1.7.10 in Update 43 for that version.

Obtaining Edit

Natural Generation Edit

A Flight Panel generates in the War Doctor, Fridge, and Floral TARDIS interiors.

Crafting Edit

The flight panel can be crafted with 7 diamonds and two Zeiton-7 Crystals.


How to craft the Flight Panel

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