A WIP model of a TARDIS based off of the classic series.

This page lists the main features (and other notable features) of the Dalek Mod.

Main FeaturesEdit


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The Tardis

The TARDIS is one of the core features of the Dalek Mod. It can be used to travel to other planets. The TARDIS also has a number of different interiors (The Tenth Doctor's, the War Doctor's, etc.).


The main feature of the Dalek Mod is the plethora of mobs added to the game. These include Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Timelords, Empty Mobs and even Ice Warriors.

Sonic ScrewdriverEdit

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11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

The Sonic Screwdriver is a useful tool to accompany you on your journeys. They can send redstone signals, ignite TNT, and open iron doors. Multiple designs have been added for the player's enjoyment/preference.


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With the addition of the TARDIS , a number of planets were added to give it its proper functionality. These include Skaro , Trenzalore and Gallifrey!

Story ModeEdit

Story Mode was an upcoming game mode introduced in the Dalek Mod. The player would have traveled​ through space and time, reenacting the Doctor's adventures. This was said to no longer be a planned feature by Matt (Didgerigoomen).

Time Vortex ManipulatorEdit

The Time Vortex Manipulator is an item that will allow the user to travel to older versions of Minecraft. These include the Cave Game , Minecraft Classic, Minecraft Indev, Minecraft Beta, Minecraft Alpha, Minecraft Xbox, and the upcoming Minecraft PE. Currently only in 1.7.10 and below.

Other Notable FeaturesEdit

River's Diary/RegenerationEdit

River's Diary used to be an item that allows the player to regenerate, changing the player into a different incarnation of the Doctor. This item was, however, removed. In U48 however, it was added back, and allowed users to view how many regenerations they had left, and allows them to change their regeneration color.


The Dalek Mod adds a collection of clothing to the game, including Ace's Jacket, a Fez, a Bow tie, a Gas Mask, Santa Hat, Top Hats, and even The 4th Doctor's Scarf!


Bessie was the Third Doctor's mode of transportation while he was exiled on Earth. In the mod, you can drive Bessie around your world!

Easter Eggs/References Edit

Two time machines from other programs, or SWD References only they get.

Addons Edit

Addons such as the DLC and API can also enhance your Dalek Mod Experience allowing you to customise your own Daleks and even PlayerModels!