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An old version of the 60s Dalek by a river.

The Daleks are an armoured, cyborg, alien race from the long running British Sci-Fi series Doctor Who. First appearing in the show's second episode, they originated from the planet Skaro. They were created by Davros, a Kaled scientist living around the end of Skaro's Thousand Year War. Although they come in many redesigns and forms, they always keep the same look the same over the years.

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Daleks are the first non-human cyborg villains the Doctor fought in the show, first appearing in its second serial, simply called The Daleks. In it, they say that they were once a peaceful race that were mutated during a war with another native species called the Thals. This forced them to retreat into shells made of the indestructible metal Dalekanium. When the Doctor and his companions Susan, Ian and Barbara arrive on their home planet Skaro, they capture and forced to help them in "Exterminating" the Thals. Of cource, they manage to escape and warn the Thals about a trap set up by the Daleks to kill them.

The Doctor, with help from Ian, then convinces them to fight the Daleks, who plan to set off another radiation bomb to kill any other races and let them take over the planet. However, using a well planned strategy, the Doctor and Thals enter the city and stop the detonation. When a Dalek orders the Doctor to save them from a failing electrical systems of the city (which they run on in order to survive), The Doctor refuses, stating "Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't know how".

The Daleks frequently appear in other episodes in the 60s until taking a five year break between the 1967 episode The Evil of the Daleks and 1972's Day of the Daleks. In the 1975 episode Genesis of the Daleks, it is revealed that the Daleks were the decedents of a race called the Kaleds (an anagram of Daleks). They were, like stated in The Daleks, mutating due to the radiation levels from the war between themselves and the Thals.

The Kaled scientist Davros saw these and built a Dalek battle suit, placing the mutant into the Dalekanium casing to protect it from gunfire. Seeing the Daleks as a threat to not only the Thals but to themselves, the Kaleds ordered Davros to stop his experiments, due to persuasion from the Doctor. Davros, seeing himself as a creator of life, saw his own kind as a threat. As such, he gave the Thals a acid to burn through the protective dome above the Kaled city. This allowed the Thals to burn through the dome and sent a missile to destroy their enemies. However, Davros double crossed them, sending the Daleks to "exterminate" all Thals in their city.

It was during this time that the Doctor, who had been sent to this time by the Time Lords to stop the Daleks creation, took the opportunity to slow them down. Davros discovered him and took a recording of the Doctor admitting how the Daleks were defeated in their battles. However, the Doctor destroyed this recording to stop further destruction in the future and sealed the Daleks in their base with help from surviving Thals and explosives.

Because Davros remembered this, he told the Daleks about this in the future, ordering them to go to war with the Time Lords. This broke into the Time War, which caused the near destruction of each race. Though the Doctor has tried to end them for good, the Daleks always come back, each time smarter and stronger than the last time.

In the Mod Edit

There are a variety of Daleks in the mod, most based on the different looks and types from the classic and modern series. They often have forty health points and fire laser weapons, which deal approximately ten health points of damage. There are also Daleks with special features. These include the Special Weapons Dalek, which fire explosive lasers, the Suicide Dalek, which have a one in ten chance of exploding, or the Snow Dalek, that leaves a trail of snow in it's wake. Daleks also attack Cybermen and, when killed, drop rotten flesh and a couple of Dalekanium Ingots. Daleks are also immune to fire and can be found in the Overworld or on Skaro .

Some Daleks are also bosses, such as Dalek Storm or TV21 Emperor Dalek . These have much more health than other daleks and drop a load of Credits and XP on death.

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There are many Dalek variants in the mod, with many being added all the time. (Also See the Dalek Mod API)

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