In The Show

A companion is a person, alien or robot that travels with the Doctor in the TARDIS. Often selecting companions due to how they have helped him or the amount of intrigue he has towards them, they will help the Time Lord when necessary and can often work independently to save the day.

In The Mod

In the Dalek Mod, a companion can be spawned in. Using a custom GUI, they can have their name changed to a Minecraft player or be given armor. K9, one of the most famous in the series, can also be found, either spawning in or naturally finding him. In the future, companions are planned to be given different improvements and different skins may be added in.


  • Clara
  • Ace
  • Ian Chesterton
  • Barbra Wright
  • Susan Foreman
  • Captain Jack Harkness




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The default Companion Skin, Clara. (Also the spawn egg name)

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